Maintenance and Repair

Buildings can not simply be left to weather the external elements and internal physical deterioration without being cared for.

All buildings, both period and modern, need cyclical repair and maintenance in order for them to function in the way that they were originally intended and to prevent more serious costly defects occurring.


Maintenance Schedules

A planned preventative maintenance schedule can be used to detail and prioritise the defects associated with your building or property portfolio and can be used to plan the essential and anticipated repairs to the buildings over an acceptable period in order to prevent large hidden repair costs occurring.

Maintenance Schedules are commonly used for commercial buildings or large blocks of flats in order to assess the condition of the building and priortise the works to ease the expenditure.

Once we have prepared the basic maintenance plan on your property we will discuss with you your priorities and plans for the future of the buildings, your ideas on budgeting, and advise as to how these can be incorporated into an overall strategy.

Historic Buildings

Historic buildings by nature are vulnerable to decay therefore it is not surprising that properties fall into disrepair and become redundant. If properly maintained however, buildings should survive for the enjoyment of many generations.

Our Chartered Building Surveyors have extensive knowledge of period properties having worked on Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments. We have the experience required to advise on appropriate maintenance methods and how to sympathetically restore and adapt period properties, bringing together your needs and requirements with those of English Heritage and Conservation Officers.


Over their lives, all buildings will develop defects. Whether these are caused by a lack of maintenance or more serious structural issues, our Chartered Building Surveyors are suitably trained to inspect the building and determine the cause of the defect.

The diagnosis of some defects can be fairly simple, some need further investigation which may include exploratory works. All start with listening to your description of the problem, how and when it occurs and what if any attempts have been made to remedy them. Like the diagnosis some defects are simple to repair and others require major construction works for remedial action to resolve permanently. We will advise on the range of options available to you and see how these fit with your requirements. Whether it is a simple patch of damp or major structural movement, we are suitably qualified to advise on the most suitable and cost effective method of remedial work.

Once you have decided on a suitable repair we can on your further instructions arrange for the work to be carried out, inspecting it on site and certifying payments for your peace of mind.


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