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    Professional attention to detail

    Every project we undertake receives the same level of detailed professional attention. So whether you are looking to extend, alter or modernise either your family home or your business premises, we are happy to advise on and bring together every step of the design and building process, at a price you can afford.

    Our surveyors each have an average of 25 years post-graduate experience and their skills can be deployed as appropriately for a simple yet elegant timber sun-room, as they can for a 20-bedroom hotel extension. We are also adept at producing professionally designed refurbishments to give tired, outdated older properties a refreshed face that meets modern standards.

    For older properties that have listed status due to their historical significance, we have excellent relevant skills and experience in surveying and specifying repairs, alterations and extensions to them. Most importantly we are experienced in obtaining Listed Building Consent - without which no alteration works can be undertaken.

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    In-house architectural design service

    To help you better visualise any design concepts we produce for you, we use our in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills to create high quality CAD drawings. These range from outline sketches to the highly detailed drawings required for planning and tender. We can also produce a full detailed specification, as part of the preparation process for a tender package.

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    Construction (Design & Management) Regulations

    Commercial and residential building and maintenance projects require the appointment of a Principle Designer to plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase with regard to health and safety.

    The extent of our involvement in this role will vary from job to job, depending also on whether it is a domestic or commercial project. 

    In practical terms this normally means assisting you (as the client) in identifying, obtaining and collating the pre-construction information, providing designers, the principal contractor and contractors with that information, ensuring that designers comply with their duties and co-operate with each other, liaising with the principal contractor for the duration of the appointment and preparing the health and safety file, which we will pass to you at the conclusion of the project.

    To properly fulfil the role involves time and effort, it often includes an element of education as many involved in the construction industry are still somewhat in the dark about their roles and responsibilities.

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    Budget costing

    We like to keep prices realistic and acceptable from the earliest stage of a project by designing to your budget and we understand the need for us to give guidance on the expected costs.

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    Planning applications

    For most building projects, an inevitable part of the procedure will be applying for planning permission.  We are able to prepare your planning application (with our proposed plans to show the design of any alterations or extensions) and co-ordinate preparation of the necessary documentation to support the application.

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    Building regulations

    Once any planning consents have been obtained, a new set of hurdles has to be overcome in the form of Building Regulations, which are a complex system of requirements put in place by the Government to ensure that all buildings are designed and constructed to a sufficient standard. As a matter of course we will always ensure that any new design/build/refurbishment project is compliant with necessary Building Regulations, without requiring major modification.
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    Contract administration and project monitoring

    One of the many benefits of using Croft Surveyors is that we are able to take your project all the way from initial concept brief to completion.

    After preparation of the design and specification we can tender the works with building contractors and assess the tender prices for you - or negotiate a tender with a suitable chosen building contractor.

    Contract administration or project monitoring is the process by which we inspect the contractor's work on site and certify periodic valuations, variations, timing and completion in accordance with the construction contract; giving assurance that the contractor is not claiming more than they are entitled to claim.