The requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 BACKGROUND The (RRO) came into effect on 1 October 2006.

The RRO replaces or amends all previous fire regulations and laws: fire certificates are now a thing of the past and will need to be replaced with an up to date fire risk assessment The “Responsible Person”, must carry out a Suitable and Sufficient Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) to protect employees and persons using the building.

WHO IS AFFECTED? The Responsible Person is normally the person with control of a building but will also be every Employer. The RRO also applies to all non-domestic premises; and even temporary buildings or occasional events held in another premises.

WHO CAN PREPARE MY FRA? There is no specific qualification for Fire Risk Assessors but the Responsible Person must ensure the FRA is prepared by a competent person. We aim to discuss with our clients the options for mitigating and managing the risks where possible (in accordance with the requirements of the RRO) rather than imposing unreasonable and unnecessary works.

WHAT IF I DON’T COMPLY WITH THE RRO? With the RRO now having been in place for almost two years the Fire Authorities who enforce the legislation are beginning to prosecute Responsible Persons who have not complied with the regulations. We have heard of fines and costs of over £200,000. CROFT SURVEYORS Croft Surveyors have training in Fire Risk Assessment Preparation and as Chartered Surveyors are experienced in assessing buildings and advising on cost effective management and upgrading measures. If you require a new Fire Risk Assessment, consideration of the recommendations of an existing FRA or need to arrange for upgrading work to be carried out, contact David Vestey BSc (hons) MRICS.


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